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    ProMystic Electronic Mentalism Workshop


The Trainers - Craig Filicetti • Jon Stetson • Bob Kohler
Craig Filicetti over the last ten years has revolutionized mentalism with cutting edge technology. He is the founder and creator of the incredible ProMystic line of electronic mentalism products. In our opinion Craig is the epicenter and master of this exciting new realm. We are proud to be able to bring our friend in aa a trainer for this once in a lifetime workshop. Craig understands not only the technology but also the needs of professional mentalists as he is a working pro.

Bob Kohler and Jon Stetson have been working together developing mentalism material since 1996. Bob has been performing mentalism since 1988 when he joined forces with Tim Conover to develop practical material for Fortune 500 companies. His routine "The Human Phone Number" has been the #1 closer for mentalists for over a decade. Bob’s knowledge base is legendary, his unpublished material is polished by performance and his training techniques make him one of the most sought after mentors.

Jon Stetson is one of the busiest and most entertaining mentalists on the planet. Most days you’ll find Jon flying to his next high end event. His performances are always topical, hilarious without sacrificing the power of mentalism. Check out Jon’s Facebook page. It’s hard to believe but you’ll see proof of his incredible show, his travels and his client list.
He is truly a master that has his act together.

Together they bring over 60 years of practical experience to the Workshop. Their expertise will reduce your learning curve and get you on the right path performing electronic mentalism that works in the real world.
How - When - Where
The focus of this workshop is cover every aspect of working with electronics. Craig will reveal all of the information you must have to understand the fine points of not only his product line but of other products on the market.

How - Our goal is to take you to expert status by the end of the workshop. You’ll understand how the technology works. You’ll understand how to take proper care of the equipment. You’ll be shown how to guarantee your success 100%. You’ll know with certainty both the power and limitations of your tools.

When - In our experience it is important to use multiple principles in a show. Electronics are one such principle that you must understand how to use correctly. “When” covers not only where to put routines in your show but also how to disguise your electronics with multiple layers of deception. You’ll learn our techniques that keep your audience from ever suspecting your methods.

Where - All technology has certain parameters for success. Even the most powerful technology does have certain limitations or restrictions. As a pro failure is not an option. You can’t afford to lose clients because your routine failed. We’ll show you the trap doors you must avoid and give you solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition.
Unpublished Routines
Craig, Jon and I will share unpublished routines that are performance tested. Not pipe dreams, but routines that get the money. Our goal is to show you how we think about using electronics, how we integrate them both visibly and invisibly through patter and other unique deceptions. If you follow our building blocks you’ll learn how to build your own unique routines.
Intensive Training
The ProMystic Electronic Mentalism Workshop is intense and immersive training. During workshop you'll spend over 6 hours with Craig Filicetti, Bob Kohler and Jon Stetson teaching you the real secrets to becoming a top professional mentalist using these cutting edge tools. This Workshop takes training the the next level, far beyond lectures or conventions. Not only will we show you the secrets but we will make sure that you completely understand each lesson. The end result is you will know what we know and will be able to apply the lessons to your show.
Workshop Schedule
The training is held at Bob Kohler's Studio in Las Vegas. The Workshop Schedule starts each day at 11:00 am. The morning session runs from 11am - 2pm. There is Lunch Break from 2:00-3:00pm. The afternoon session runs from 3:00 - 6:00pm.
Training Facility
The Studio at Bob Kohler Magic is transformed into a performance classroom. The Studio is underground providing a quiet environment free from distractions so you can focus on learning.
Payment • Cancellation Policy
The investment to attend the Pro Mentalism Secrets Workshop is $349.99. Attendance is on a first come, first serve basis.

Full payment is required to hold your reservation.

Cancellation is allowed with a full refund until August 23, 2016. No refunds starting August 24, 2016.

You can transfer your reservation to another student without cost at anytime

    Training For demanding performers.

    Since 1996 the
    Bob Kohler has created professional level training for working performers.

    If you need routines that are unique, high caliber, that are created and tested by professionals you have arrived at the source. We strive for the best effects, the perfect methods and stunning presentations.