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In the distant past learning Magic was secret knowledge that was passed down from master to student. The secrets were revealed and shared only with trusted students. This method stood the test of time as secrets remained secrets.

In my magic lifetime things have changed. In the beginning of my career I did learn from books but the best secrets were very hard to acquire. They were held in the highest regard by magicians who were trusted in the Inner Circle. To gain entry into this world of inner secrets you had to prove your worthiness. You add to abide by rules of ethics which consisted of only performing magic that you had received permission to perform from the creator.

The members of the Inner Circle knew each other. If you broke the trust or ethics of a member and performed unpublished secrets or even worse published another magicians act or routines you were black listed. You were cast out, nobody would communicate with you. Your reputation was ruined.

As the information age blossomed suddenly magic was being taught through video tape. While video was an advancement this started to break the bond between master and student. No longer could the magician learning from a lifeless tape, get feedback on his technique or performance. Some would argue that video is better than books. Perhaps, but books forced magicians to think. They had to examine the material, then visualize how it could be adapted to their style.

Video as a medium created a generation of copycats. People covet what they see so suddenly everybody wanted to become a clone of David Williamson, Bill Malone or whoever they were watching. One of the real secrets of magic is you must be unique, high end clients always book the original.

Digital distribution has speed up over the last two decades going from tape to DVD and now to streaming or instant download. Many of magics greatest secrets are easily accessible to anyone with a digital device via You Tube™. We've collectively reached a tipping point where members of the audience can look for the secret to the trick they just witnessed in a live show while the show is still going on. It's appalling but true.

The bottom line is it is time for a change to protect the last remaining secrets and the secrets that are now being created.
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Simple…LIVE TRAINING. Magicians had the solution for generations, learn magic from a mentor. It works better than any other method. A mentor has the experience of decades of not only learning but also perfecting and performing magic. Live Training answers all of the questions that books, DVD's and downloads cannot handle. Learning from a mentor in person forms a relationship that provides instant feedback guaranteeing the student completely understands the lesson.
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Each of our hand picked trainers are experts in their field. They bring decades of experience from all types of performance. They are all still working professionals. They know what it really takes to successfully entertain an audience. They know not only what works but why it works. Live Training with our experts will make your performance goals a reality.
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The Live Training Workshops are held in the studio of Bob Kohler Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada. The studio is transformed into a performance based classroom. The setting is comfortable and intimate.
Workshops have extremely limited seating. A maximum of 12 students depending on the workshop. Each student has his own workstation.

Our studios are located close to the Orleans Casino Hotel. We provide transportation to and from the hotel. The training schedule is divided into a morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session runs from 11am-2pm. There is a 90 minute lunch break followed by the second session from 3:30pm-6:30pm.
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Similar to all higher education prospective students must apply to Bob Kohler Magic for acceptance. Our goal is to provide the highest level of training. We will provide the best trainers. We've created the perfect classroom. That's why there are only 12 seats. Many of the different workshops will only occur once or twice a year. So we will be matching the best students to each workshop to create the ultimate learning experience. Our goal is to produce quality, not quantity.

Applying is easy. Prospective students must send an email to us. The letter should contain your goals, your expectations, your current skill level, your website address if applicable and finally any references you have that know our staff.
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    With over 30 years of professional performance experience the team of experts at Bob Kohler Magic provide practical real world solutions.

    Performers who work in markets from cruise ships, to corporate, college tours or television will find expert assistence building or polishing their material.