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    Charming Chinese Challange

    Troy Hooser

    Only $19.99

The Charming Chinese Challenge has become a masterpiece of coin magic from the diabolical mind of Troy Hooser. Why...because it is extremely visual, it’s totally practical and it’s very easy to do plus it resets instantly. The Charming Chinese Challenge is absolutely the best penetration effect you’ve ever seen!

The effect is clean and simple. Three Chinese coins are threaded onto a silk ribbon. One by one the coins penetrate through the ribbon. You won’t believe your eyes as the coins jump both off and on the ribbon. The routine is captured during a live performance.

Designed to be performed in extreme close-up conditions such as walk-a-round, trade shows or formal environments, Troy’s routine will become a cornerstone of your repertoire. Even if you’re not a heavy coin worker, you’ll soon be able to master this fabulous routine. Each part of the routine is taught in excruciating detail, nothing is left out

The Charming Chinese Challenge was first published in Troy’s best selling book “Destroyers”. Magicians everywhere regard it as the finest routine in the book.
All over the world, it is always the highlight of Troy’s lecture. Now it’s your opportunity to witness the stunning visuals of this new classic.

This DVD contains much more information and new handlings that were not included in “Destroyers”. Seven totally new and original handlings are included in this release. Three new sequences created by Troy since the book’s release seriously raise the visual heights of the routine.

These additional methods from Troy are worth the price of admission. But there’s more...contributions from Shoot Ogawa, Apollo, and Thomas Wayne really take the Charming Chinese Challenge to the next level. These methods from the inner circle will guarantee that you will totally fool your audiences with this eye-popping routine.

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