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The Problem
For decades I constantly needed to clean my coins. It didn't matter if they were Silver, Copper or Brass. They all tarnished. One night while on the road I discovered the greatest cleaner. The best part is you already have it. It's toothpaste. Just get your coin wet, put on a dab of toothpaste and rub all of the tarnish away. Rinse and you're done.

The Solution
But you still need to clean your coins over and over. Not anymore. I finally figured out what the cause was for the majority of the tarnish. It' the Tannic Acids used to cure leather. Most of use keep our treasured coins and gaffs in leather purses. The remnants of the curing done with Tannic Acid will tarnish any coin in a matter of days.

So I had custom coin purses manufactured for me. You can only get these at Bob Kohler Magic. I have a limited supply and once they're gone I won't be able to manufacture them again. So get them while they are available.

The Big Secret
What's the big secret. It's actually quite simple. I had the purses lined with high quality wallet fabric. This addition keeps the acids from every touching the coins so they stay clean and bright for a long time.

The purses are made of very high quality leather that is soft and comfortable and will provide years of service. They look great! The snap is 100% secure.

Only available in brown.