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Fitch Coin Attachment

Coming Soon

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The short answer is NO. Sorry…
The Fitch Kohler Pro Holdout System has been out of production since 2008 and out of stock since 2009.
It's coming soon. We're hard at work upgrading our legendary design. Release is scheduled for Fall 2013 but that is not carved in stone. It could be sooner or later.

You're best strategy is to join our mailing list. We will send out advance notice to our preferred customers.

There is no pre-order list. When it is released it will be done on a first come, first serve basis.
You can use one coin or multiples. Using US currency as an example the Fitch Coin Attachment will easily handle 8 Half Dollars or 4 Silver Dollars. You can certainly use smaller coins and foreign currency.
Think of it this way. Any Attachment is just a tool. It's part of the holdout. The results are from the skill of the performer. If you learn from Bob Fitch, you'll soon be an expert. It's his invention. He's been fooling everybody including the "experts" for over 50 years with it. We really know how to use it. We have extensive training materials that will teach you how to use it. We'll get you up to speed in no time at all.

Sorry, but the answer is no. While our training would help with any holdout design you would soon discover just how many issues there are with other systems. Only the Fitch Kohler Pro Holdout solves all of the problems that make our system the only truly professional holdout on the planet.
Absolutely. The Fitch Kohler Pro Holdout System has been protected under the California Trade Secret Agreement since before we released it to the world.

The Fitch Kohler Pro Holdout System is distributed as a License without term. This protects our invention and the investment made by you.

The License and Confidentiality Trade Secret Agreement has proved to be 100% effective. The design and training materials have remained as one of the last great magic secrets.
Until the next generation is ready to go we really won't know. Just like us you'll have to wait to find out.
Yes! For the first time Bob Fitch and Bob Kohler will offer Live Training for the Holdout System and the Fitch Coin Attachment. Check the Live Training section of our site for the schedule and details.

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