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Scott Alexander
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Slashed Pro
Scott Alexander
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Velocity 3.0
Scott Alexander
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Only $699.99

The Missing Link
Scott Alexander & Bob Kohler
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Only $395.99

The American Sticks
Scott Alexander
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The Final Cut
Scott Alexander
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ON SALE $699.99

The Blades
Scott Alexander
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Only $49.99

Confessions Of A Needle Swallower
Steve Spill
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Only $1499.99

The Mindreading Goose
Steve Spill
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Sold Out
Fitch Kohler Pro Holdout System
Fitch / Kohler
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Sold Out
Fitch Coin End
Bob Fitch
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Only $19.99

Aces In Their Faces
Bob Kohler
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Only $19.99

Kohler Coin Purse
Bob Kohler
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Only $79.99

Poker Protection
Steve Forte

    Live Training

    Are you stuck with a repertoire that only consists of flourishes?

    Have you watched every video and read every book yet you find it impossible to do a professional caliber show?

    The solution is simple…you need Professional Training from the Inner Circle Pros!

    Skype Training

    Technology meets the Inner Circle. Nothing beats Live Training but using high quality cameras and fast internet connections gives us the power to communicate visually.

    Our well planned lessons save you time, money and deliver our guarded secrets in real time!

    Pro Consulting

    With over 30 years of professional performance experience the team of experts at Bob Kohler Magic provide practical real world solutions.

    Performers who work in markets from cruise ships, to corporate, college tours or television will find expert assistence building or polishing their material.

    Magic for demanding performers.

    Since 1996 the Bob Kohler Pro Line has produced routines & tools for professional level performers.

    If you need routines that are unique, high caliber, that are created and tested by professionals you have arrived at the source. We strive for the best effects, the perfect methods and stunning presentations.