Bob Kohler Magic

    Black Envelope

    Bob Kohler

    Only $24.99

The legendary Fran Garcia tipped Bob an incredible underground idea from top Scottish card man Pete Duffie. In typical Kohler fashion, Bob has honed the concept into five practical routines that have been in his repertoire for over ten years. No Pip dreams, but five routines that get the money. The Black Envelope will end up in your show, not your drawer!

The Black Envelop is truly diabolical. Bob has food thousands of audiences and even experts Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings had no idea. Each of the five routines uses the Black Envelope in a different way. Each routine is complete, there is nothing left out. You will learn the methods, moves and presentation from this amazing DVD.

Every magical can perform the Black Envelope. The routines vary in skill level from easy to medium difficulty. The No Palm Card to Envelop is worth the entire price of this DVD. Imagine showing the audience the Black Envelope, then placing it in full sight in the the center of the table. Now a card is selected and signed by an audience member. Instantly the signed card appears inside of the Black Envelope. Here's the best part…there is no palming necessary! Bob's diabolical thinking has given the main community a totally practical way to get a duplicate of the signed selection right in front of the audience. Get it now or you'll soon be fooled by the Black Envelope.
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Sphere Of Influence
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