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The Arsenal

"The Arsenal" is a new workshop. It's a two day event that is great for those who have attended any of our mentalism workshops before. It's also the perfect workshop for new mentalists who have not attended any of our previous events.

The phrase "The Arsenal" can have many meanings. It can be a collection of tools or weapons. In this case it's both. It is a collection of performance skills, routines, stagecraft, and other subjects that you will not learn at conventions. We are sharing secrets that you can only get from working professionals that have been in the trenches performing in every conceivable type of venue.

Each trainer brings their own Arsenal of Knowledge to the workshop. Jon and Bob have been training pro and amateur mentalists in their two man workshop for years. We've decided to add a new trainer that has a unique skillset and tools that we frankly never could cover.

Jon and I are proud to announce that our new expert trainer is Catherine Hickland. Catherine has decades of television acting experience, Broadway performances, stage hypnotism, motivational seminars and so much more. Please read her bio under the Trainers section. You can also search Wikipedia. You'll soon discover that she's by far the most famous trainer and the missing link Jon have needed to bring in expertise to areas that we've never covered before that are essential to a professionals Arsenal.

The Arsenal Workshop will be intense. We'll be together for 8 hours a day for two days that are immediately before the Mindvention Convention.

Imagine how this Masterclass will improve you as a mentalist! We will share the tips and subtle nuances that have made us all successful performers of our art. For professionals who make a living by performing for sophisticated audiences, such personal counseling is priceless. For serious pros this is an investment that will make their act and performances more enjoyable plus more lucrative. Normally you would readily pay hundreds of dollars for just one hour of personal instruction of this caliber.

Once you arrive at the workshop we take care of everything including drinks, snacks and lunch each day.

Only 20 Attendees. Reserve Your Seat Now!

The Arsenal Highlights

The Business Of Show Business
Jon Stetson, Catherine Hickland and Bob Kohler have all had long, successful careers in show business. During The Arsenal Workshop we will hold a panel discussion covering each of our careers and the lessons we've learned about really running a successful performing career! To be a successful mentalist you need to know how to find clients, book high paying shows, and keep your clients for years. We know the answers. We'll tip everything we know and we'll also answer all questions you have. This is a rare opportunity to sit in on a discussion where we will reveal anything and everything!
Inside The Case • What We Carry In Our Arsenal
One of the challenges you face as a mentalist is what props do you need, what gimmicks are necessary, how can I put together a show that packs small but play BIG! We've done the work for you.

We'll give you a real look inside of the case we carry but more importantly we'll teach you how to think about your strategy in getting more out of carrying less. Air travel has changed the rules. Carry on bags now must be smaller, TSA is stricter. Jon flies several times every week. He has the real work!
How To Build A Lucrative Home Show Market
When we think of the Home Show Market we are taking both the show fee and performance to a higher level. This isn't strolling around a party. We have developed an approach where conditions are created in the home of your client for you to "Hold Court" and do a formal show for all of the attendees.

In the past, many performers have had problems with performing a proper show because they didn't have the tools we have created in our Arsenal. We will teach you a strategy where your clients do most of the work for you both before and during the party so that you can do your full show, blow away the audience and be the highlight of the party. This of course leads to more shows and higher pay.

Our methods are a collection of ideas Bob Kohler and Jon Stetson have used for decades. Without this knowledge your Arsenal is incomplete!
Professional Caliber Routines
Of course no Arsenal is complete without professional caliber routines. In this new workshop we will tip only proven material. Our focus will be on routines created by Al Koran, Henry Fields and some of our own pet secrets!

Al Koran is legendary. What we're tipping is our handlings of our favorite Koran classics. Jon's work and patter on Koran's Opener will soon become your opener. Bob has revamped Koran's Blindfold Act into a showstopper that is very easy to do, practical and no special blindfold, tape or coins are used! All you need is a deck of cards. Perfect for when they ask for "Just one more" or a great close up piece.

Henry Fields was our dear friend and top professional mentalist based in Loa Angeles. Henry was amazing. Bob and Jon both studied with Henry. We are thrilled to be sharing a major portion of his professional act plus what is probably the best routine ever created to cement your relationship with agents.

You may be thinking that you've never heard of Henry…exactly his strategy. He made a fortune as an underground pro. Perhaps his four incredible houses on the prestigious Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Los Angeles would convince you he was one of the best.

These routines and more will fill up your Arsenal.
Professional stagecraft has been polished over the centuries. How important is stagecraft? How much attention do you put into stagecraft? My guess is not enough.

Most performers work on the routines, the methods, the scripts but they pay less attention to what really is the professional polish all acts need…that polish is stagecraft. We'll share decades of experience on details you've never thought of. We'll cover topics from how to enter the stage, applause cues, where to stand and why plus many other tips that you need in your Arsenal to get standing ovations!
Expert Professional Make-up
Catherine has spent most of her life on stage, television and film.  She knows everything there is to know about make-up done at a professional level. Nineteen years ago she turned this expertise into, a very successful company that manufactures and sells the highest quality products in the field.  Makeup that looks exactly like skin... only better.  The best part is, it looks completely natural to the naked eye, making it great  even for close-up or strolling work. This is makeup that can take years off of a persons face, and gives a glorious, supernatural tan that wows.

As professional performers.. one of the pillars to success is that you've got to look great if you're on TV performing on AGT, the Broadway stage, Corporate Banquet performance or a headshot for your website or social media picture.  

In todays world of high resolution video, photography, or pro lightning on stage,  knowing the skillset of professional level make-up is as important as any other tool in your Arsenal.  Have you ever looked good and felt bad?  There is a confidence that comes from knowing you look like a million.  As Cat says, "When you look like a million, you feel like a million and you perform like a million."

Not only will Cat share the secrets to looking incredible onstage and even up close, she's going to show you how to use her less-than-2 minute-technique to achieve the look.

ADDED BONUS! Each attendee will receive a personal skincare and make up kit that will make you look and feel like a million.
Expert Professional Headshots Included!  Let’s Polish Up Your Brand! A $500 Value!

Besides talent, having the right marketing tools is everything to success. Whether you intend to make this a full time career, or perform occasionally, one thing is for sure…you need a great head shot to make people stop and land on your page, keep your business cards, or peruse your website. A great shot is a huge to your career as an entertainer. No matter what your persona or look, let’s capture it and make you stand out from the pack.

EXTRA ADDED BONUS! You will leave with a total pro head shot you can use for advertising, marketing, your website, and business cards. Each attendee will be professionally made up, lit, coached, and photographed in-studio. No doubt, it will be the best head shot you’ve ever had of yourself.

Workshop Daily Schedule

Morning Sessions 10am - 1pm. Lunch 1pm - 2pm. Afternoon Sessions 2pm - 6pm.

Of all the investments I've made in my professional career, none have had a bigger impact on the quality of my show than the Pro Mentalist Workshop. When I integrated the effects and lessons Bob and Jon taught at the workshop into my show, it improved my audience reactions ten-fold. It gave me the tools I needed to not only structure and execute an amazing evening of entertaining mind reading, but to more importantly leave a positive, lasting impression on all my clients. Within a year of attending, I went from being a part-time mentalist to a full-time corporate entertainer. More importantly, I now have 2 people I truly look up to and consider not only mentors, but close friends.
Ben Whiting • Workshop Attendee
Learning mentalism from these real working pros saved me years of research, trial and error. I learned which routines to perform, the best way to perform them and how to deliver a great show to an audience. I now own and operate my own theater in Shanghai China where I perform my mentalism show nightly!
Anson Chen • Workshop Attendee

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Discount Price $999.99

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