Bob Kohler Magic

The Catherine Hickland Dream Theater Experience

A Learning Experience Like No Other!
The Catherine Hickland Dream Theater is located inside of the family compound hidden in Las Vegas. The grounds are very relaxing and beautiful. During breaks you can enjoy snacks and lunch by the pool, under the cabana or inside of their home. You could even take a energizing swim. Snacks, and drinks are provided all day. Lunch is included during the break.

The Dream Theater Experience can be summed up in one word…pampered. With only 20 attendees you get personal attention unlike any other training center.
The Theater Environment
The theater is a very high end facility with state of the art design and function. Each attendee will have their own desk space with personal lighting and a comfortable classic Earnes leather chair to make your body relax and sharpen your mind for learning. The theater has a stage with a full complement of pro level stage lighting as well as cutting edge sound, projection and video support.
High Tech Support
The Pro Mentalist Workshop is like no other. You'll be able to see and hear everything. HD Zoom Cameras project every part of the workshop onto the screen. So every seat is a great seat. We also offer handheld microphones to the attendees so everyone can hear every question. Have we taken learning a to the next level…ABSOLUTELY!