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Gil Eagles • Bio

Gil Eagles is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon -- a man who has triumphed over tremendous obstacles to develop himself into a world-class, multi-faceted success. Today he is a man of many talents. He is an astonishing Mentalist and America's foremost Stage Hypnotist. He is a dedicated researcher of human potential -- an honored speaking professional -- a highly regarded seminar leader -- an inspiring motivator -- and a much respected consultant to professional sports teams. Gil Eagles is a champion committed to excellence both off and on the platform. A man with an extraordinary life story.

Gil was raised in Tanganyika, East Africa, speaking only Swahili for many years. His formal education is less than grade school level. Believing that he had a learning disability, his teachers gave up on him as hopelessly unteachable. Why? The boy was chronically shy. For many years he remained silent because of a debilitating stutter. He could not speak a complete sentence until his early twenties. At that time, his family emigrated to America, and the uneducated, shy youth had to cope in a new culture.

Despite these early handicaps, Gil Eagles went on to become one of the most respected speakers and entertainers in the country. In fact, he is the only platform professional who has been honored with the highest awards from BOTH the worlds of Show Business and the Educational Lecture Circuit. He has won the Academy of Variety Artists' prestigious "GOLDEN MIKE AWARD" for his exciting shows, and was voted the country's MOST OUTSTANDING lecturer by more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the National Association for Campus Activities.

In addition, the National Speakers Association awarded Gil Eagles the "CPAE" designation, NSA's highest award for professional speaking excellence. Of the more than 5,000 who are, or have been members of NSA, only 105 have received the CPAE. Gil's selection places him in the company with the most elite speakers in the world, including former President Ronald Reagan and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

How did he do it? Gil Eagles overcame his hardship by discovering the universal laws of the mind. He learned how to apply these life principles to his own growth and also how to share them with others for their benefit. He founded the Institute for Growth and Actualized Living (a human development, research and resource organization). Gil developed MENTA-LASTICS, a science of the mind which is helping thousands lead more fulfilling and productive lives. MENTA-LASTICS is currently helping professional sports teams achieve winning results. He created "People Magic," the highly-acclaimed, and highly-effective management seminar in which Gil shares the Ten Steps for Effective Leadership. And he is the creator of "The I-ME Experience," a popular workshop-retreat on SELF-ESTEEM.

Gil Eagles' life is an inspiration to his audiences. It's a dramatic model of determination and self-motivation. When Gil speaks of improving lives, he speaks from personal experience. He shares with his listeners the practical techniques that have helped him turn his own life into a success story and looks forward to helping his audiences achieve their dreams.

Gil Eagles has an unprecedented success record of rave reviews from more than 4,000 professional appearances worldwide. He is a favorite at association conventions and corporate meetings. A few of his recent clients include: AT&T, AVIS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coldwell Banker, GE, Gillette, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, Hallmark Cards, IBM, Lever Brothers, MetLife, Microsoft, Mutual of Omaha, Nabisco, NYNEX, Panasonic, The Washington Capitals Hockey Team, and YPO (Young Presidents' Organization).