Bob Kohler Magic

The Act & Props

The Act
The Act is much more than a series of routines. It's better to think about what the Pro Mentalist Workshop has developed for you as a series of effects that link together in many different ways. This allows you as a professional to deliver a perfect show in almost any environment without concerns of time limitations. The Act is really a new business that will keep you working and generating income for years to come.
The Props • Every Essential Item & Gimmick Are Supplied!
One of the challenges you face as a new mentalist is what props do you need, what gimmicks are necessary, how can I put together a show that packs small but play BIG! We've done the work for you. The Pro Mentalist Workshop Kit supplies every essential item you need, each gimmick that makes it happen. All you need to supply are standard objects that will make the show YOURS and different from everybody else.
Professional Caliber Routines
There are thousands upon thousands of routines in the mentalism world. Jon and Bob have done the research over decades of searching for the best effects that get the biggest response and create the most memorable performance. Each routine used in The Act have been selected to seamlessly integrate together into a true show, not just a series of routines.
The Act Is Modular
The Act has been designed so that each routine is part of a module. Our years of professional performance has taught us that often in the real world conditions of your show can change at a moments notice. An example is you are booked to perform an hour show but when you arrive you find out you are only allowed to perform for 40 minutes. Using our modular approach this is not a problem. We share our proven strategy to transform your show to meet any time challenges in seconds. This is worth the price of admission to a pro!
Mentalism Is Not Real!
Please understand that The Act is designed for entertainment purposes only! The routines we teach APPEAR to give you powers. The routines are created to make the audience believe that they are witnessing real mind reading, telepathic powers and other psychic phenomena but nothing could be further from the truth. Our routines are NOT real and should only be presented for entertainment.