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Alex Geiser Coin Workshop

Alex Geiser burst into the Inner Circle in 2011 with his release of Prodigy. This revolutionary routine opened new frontiers of coin magic. Alex's techniques and concepts fooled everybody even the most seasoned pros!.

Since that time Alex has become a full time professional based in Las Vegas. He works constantly using Prodigy, CTG Ultra and his other unique creations. He's managed to carve out a reputation in Las Vegas which is very difficult to accomplish. He's a real world performer that is very secretive about his routines

I am proud to be working with Alex. In August 2019 we released CTG Ultra which has become and instant classic as "best of breed". This cutting edge version of Coins Through Glass elicited the following quote from Penn on "Fool Us". "That is the greatest Coins Through Table I've ever seen. You made it relevant and you had the balls to bring Teller and me up on stage. You did the routine right in our faces. The guts of that, the balls of that are unbelievable! And Teller did an audible GASP, it was one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. We just loved it. The sleight of hand was absolutely perfect! - Penn Gillette

To let you know just how good I think Alex Geiser is my company Bob Kohler Magic has been in business since 1996. I released Ultimate 3 Fly which became an instant coin classic. Alex's CTG Ultra is only the second coin routine I've seen in all of the years that was worthy of becoming a Pro Line product!

Finally Alex has agreed to do a workshop with Bob Kohler Magic and we're thrilled to offer this amazing opportunity to learn in a hands on environment from one of the leaders of the next generation of magic!

Beyond Prodigy

The Alex Geiser Coin Workshop is a one day event that will focus on two routines. We've chosen his latest version of Prodigy which is aptly named Beyond Prodigy because it uses both Alex's core techniques and a collecton of new unpublished sleights that will blow your mind. These unpublished sleights witll give you breathtaking new tools to use in your coin work! His coin work is both cutting edge and invisible.

CTG Ultra

The second routine is CTG Ultra. For those that already own it you'll learn Alex's latest upgraded handling and touches plus Bob Kohler's presentation.

If you don't own CTG Ultra we are offering a special deal that includes both Alex's Coin Workshop and CTG Ultra at a discount price! Take advantage of this special offer and we'll send you CTG Ultra now so you're ready for the workshop. This offer is limited to those in the USA. International customers can choose between additional shipping or receiving CTG Ultra at the workshop. Either way we'll send the training immediately!

The workshop is being held in the Bob Kohler Studio in Las Vegas. Bob's studio is located just 15 minutes from the Strip! The attendees only need to bring four half dollars or English Pennies and CTG Ultra. Everythine else is supplied. Each student will have his own individual workstation complete with table & pad.

Skill level is Intermediate and above. A workshop with Alex Geiser is a must for every magician featuring coin magic and who takes their art seriously!

Once you arrive at the workshop we take care of everything including lunch, drinks, and snacks each day.

The morning session starts at 10am until 1pm. The lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm. The afternoon session runs from 2pm until 5pm. Ending each day will be a Q & A session.

All students must sign a confidentiality agreement to protect disclosure and your investment. Performance rights are included. TV rights are negotiable.

Only 10 seats are available sold on a first come first serve basis.

Workshop Only

Price $499.99

Combination Package

Geiser Workshop & CTG Ultra

Discount Price $749.99

Includes US Shipping. International Orders will receive CTG Ultra at the workshop.