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Bob Kohler Coin Masterclass

The core focus of the Bob Kohler Coin Workshop will be routines directly from Bob's working repertoire and his techniques developed to create these finely tuned masterpieces.

This is the first time Bob has ever held a workshop devoted to his coin work. This workshop is for the serious student that is looking for the most natural looking methods and routines that can be performed in the real world. All of the routines and techniques have been performed throughout Bob's carreer. They are time tested, practical, visual and entertaining!

High level technique is necessary for coin work to look like magic. This workshop will reveal and teach you how to build levels of deception by stacking correct technique with matching patter and proper body motion. This in depth training covers every aspect from footwork, controling angles, proper presentation and so much more!

The Inner Circle has known for years that Bob's Han Ping Chien work is invisible. The real work behind making this move impossible to see will be revealed for the first time. This one secret is easily worth the price of admission. You'll learn applications that you've never dreamed possible!

The nine outstanding routines taught in this phenomenal workshop have been chosen to completely cover Bob's methods of coin magic. Included is his final unpublished version of Ultimate 3 Fly.

The techniques cover every aspect of Bob's lifetime of coin work. This workshop will change the way you think, the methods you use and how your perform. A workshop with Bob Kohler is a must for every magical entertainer who takes their art seriously!

The list of magicians Bob has worked with is too long to list but it includes Teller, Apollo Robbins, Criss Angel, Piff The Magic Dragon, Rick Thomas and many more!

The workshop is being held in the Bob Kohler Studio in Las Vegas. Each student will have his own individual workstation complete with table & pad. Bob's studio is located just 15 minutes from the Strip.

Skill level is intermediate and above. Coins are not included. Necessary coins are standard such has half dollars, dollars, English pennies, shells, copper/silver coin, purse frame. The Ultimate 3 Fly routine is a bonus for those who already have the custom set. It is not available currently from me.

Once you arrive at the workshop we take care of everything including lunch, drinks, and snacks each day.

Each day the morning session starts at 10am until 1pm. The lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm. The afternoon session runs from 2pm until 5pm. Ending each day will be a Q & A session.

All students must sign a confidentiality agreement to protect disclosure and your investment. Performance rights are included. TV rights are negotiable.

Only 10 seats are available sold on a first come first serve basis.

Just whe I thought I've seen it all, Bob Kohler comes along and executes the Han Ping Chien right in front of me, over and over again. I have never in my life seen anythingor anyoe come even close to such perfection
Mickey Silver

$100.00 DISCOUNT UNTIL March 1, 2020

Full Price $999.99

Discount Price $899.99


Discount Price $899.99

First Payment Non-refundable. Final Payment Due By March 1, 2020.