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Scott Alexander • Bob Kohler
Stand Up Performance Workshop

Only 4 Students!

This workshop is your opportunity to have Bob Kohler & Scott Alexander work with you on your act or routine to help you perfect and tighten up your performance.

In professional show business every Broadway show, TV series or movie has a director. In magic the world all of the best people have direction and creative assistance. . David Copperfield has Chris Kenner and Homer Liwag. Penn & Teller and the magic world has just lost our dear friend Johnny Thompson along with Michael Close worked for P &T for years. Michael Carbannaro has a list of creators helping. The reason is simply, it's really hard to objectively watch yourself.

It's important to use video as a tool but performers watching their show have a bias that blocks getting better. As performers we believe that we are doing fine. But when you have professional unbiased optics on your act you will find that we see everything you cannot possiblly see.

Scott and I bring decades of stage and television experience to the table. Personally I've worked with countless performers over the last 30 years including Teller, Apollo Robbins, Criss Angel, Piff The Magic Dragon, Rick Thomas and many more. Scott has been on many TV apearances including America's Got Talent and Penn & Teller's "Fool Us".

Scott and I work incredibly well and efficiently together. We've created many professional grade products that are part of my Pro Line. These routines are fine tuned through a process. This workshop will teach you our process and how to make your performances better.

Workshop Overview

Our Stand Up Performance Workshop consists of Three parts. Part One is designed to teach you the secrets and building blocks of your routines. Part Two will reveal the secret to putting your routines into a show format that works.

Part Three is Performance Polish. Scott and I will watch you perform a routine of your choice. Together we will take the routine apart and put it back together for maximum impact and audience response. We'll examine the methods, choreography, patter, show placement and many other factors to take you to the next level.

Each attendee will have several hours to work with Scott and I plus the other attendees on perfecting their performance. This is why there are only 4 spots in the workshop. Over the two day you'll learn incredible lessons and have plenty of time to work with us on your act.

The workshop is being held in the Bob Kohler Studio in Las Vegas. Each student will have his own individual workstation complete with table & pad. Bob's studio is located just 15 minutes from the Strip.

Skill level is intermediate and above. You must send me a video of the routine or your act to review before admission.

Once you arrive at the workshop we take care of everything including lunch, drinks, and snacks each day.

Each day the morning session starts at 10am until 1pm. The lunch break is from 1pm to 2pm. The afternoon session runs from 2pm until 5pm. Ending each day will be a Q & A session.

All students must sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your material and the other attendees material.

Only 4 seats are available sold on a first come first serve basis after reviewing your video. Please send us an email if you are interested in attending this amazing workshop.

$100.00 DISCOUNT UNTIL April 24, 2019

Full Price $999.99

Discount Price $899.99


Discount Price $899.99

First Payment Non-refundable. Final Payment Due By May 5, 2019.