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In today’s world you have access to many types of information. Books and video provide incredible access. But the very best way to learn is personal training.

If you investigate the careers of Magic Stars like David Copperfield or David Blaine you’ll see that they hire the very best teams of trainers. This is how you get great!

It doesn’t matter if you goal is to win America’s Got Talent, to get corporate shows or work for the rich and famous. At some point you need professional training.

Bob Kohler Magic has been providing professional training for over twenty years. Bob does much of the training but if additional help is needed, no problem. Bob knows everybody! If you have a specific goal, routine, act or problem to solve contact us! 

Zoom Training

All Zoom training is not the same! Our new UHD 4K studio and state of the art technology deliver stunning video to you! You’ll be able to see incredible detail from multiple shots. Angles include overhead, over the shoulder, close-up and full scene shots. It’s as close as you can get to actually being in our studios.

ONE ON ONE – This is the very best way to learn. It’s a private lesson where you can dive deep into the material. You can choose from a single lesson to multiple session plans that offer significant savings.

WORKSHOPS – Depending on the material various workshops will be offered. The higher level of difficulty the smaller number of attendees. Most workshops will offer either 4 or 12 seats. Lecture style workshops will offer up to 100 seats.

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Live In Vegas

Bob Kohler Magic is located in Las Vegas! This is the epicenter of Magic.  Private One On One lessons and Workshops are held at my home studio or a local theater. The facilities are perfect for both intimate learning to major workshops. Our video studio is also on location so we offer many different options for learning, video for your website and more. 

Our location offers easy access to The Strip and Airport. Contact us for full information.

How do you become an expert? The path begins with asking the correct questions. The first question is NOT “What’s New?” You should ask “What’s Great!”. That’s where I come in. My 33 years in magic has been incredible. Successful, check! I learned by hard work and learning from the very best. Many legends were friends, teachers and working partners. 

I was fortunate to always be around my best friends. Bob Sheets, Tim Conover, David Williamson, Michael Weber were around me constantly. I started my magic business with Daryl as my partner. My first teacher was the great Darwin Ortiz! I’ve been tied to Bob Fitch since the 1980’s.  I learned Show Business from my days as a guitarist with Dick Clark. I learned how to apply my pro musician career to pro magic working with Bill Herz. This is the secret. Hang out with the very best. Living in Las Vegas I get to see the best constantly. 

Experts need to wear a lot of hats. What you need to learn definitely depends on your goals.
Categories include Magic, Mentalism, Gambling, Business, Performance,  Stagecraft, Voice, Character, and how to truly become a professional level performer.

I design a plan for each One On One student by discussing your goals, understanding your strengths and weaknesses so we can be effective and save you years reaching your goal.

A partial list of topics that I integrate into my training.
Formal Close Up, Parlor and Stage Shows
Diabolical Methods
Perfect Technique
Choreography of your body from eyes to feet
Framing tied to patter
The 3 Tiers – Practice, Rehearsal, Performance
Show Construction Using The Power Of Three
Client Acquisition
Managing Pre-Show Stress
Post Show Client Management

The journey takes time, effort, a true love of the art and a relentless nature.
If you are truly serious about really learning contact me. I’m looking for serious students.

Bob Kohler has been a top professional performer for over three decades. His client show credits are too extensive to list but they cover corporate, political, the rich and the famous.

First based in Washington D.C. Bob performed for a myriad of leaders from President Bush, Nancy Reagan, ambassadors, and congressmen. 

Bill Herz’ Magicorp was his next stop. Bob was on the “A”team with David Williamson, Tim Conover, Michael Weber and Bob Sheets. 

In 1989 Bob relocated to Los Angeles where his career grew with corporate clients such as Silicon Graphics, AT&T, Chevron plus celebrities galore from Jack Nicholson, Tom Selleck, Nicholas Cage and many more.

Las Vegas became home base in 1996. Bob Kohler Magic was created to produce products for professional magicians.

Aces In Their Faces was the first release to become a classic with over 80,000 sold. Other classic releases are Ultimate 3 Fly, Human Phone Number and the legendary Fitch Kohler Professional Holdout System. These started the continuing Pro Line of products.

Bob did training on a limited basis through the years but in 2003 he retired from shows outside of Las Vegas.

He changed his career by eliminating travel and focusing on intimate shows. Bob’s three one hour formal shows were Close up Magic, Mentalism or a Gambling Demonstration. Bob is still performing these formal shows for high rollers and celebrities in Las Vegas.

At the same time Bob opened up and started training many top working pros including Teller, Apollo Robbins, Criss Angel, Steve Cohen, Colin Cloud and many others one on one.

Workshops were also started on a variety of topics from magic, mentalism and gambling. Bob started bringing in top pro friends to help with the workshops. Jon Stetson, Lior Manor, Rod The Hop and other top shelf friends were incredible teachers.

Now as you are about to discover Bob is opening up a treasure trove of training adding the power of Zoom meetings, Training In Vegas and the new Instant Video Streaming Library.

Piff The Magic Dragon
Steve Cohen
Apollo Robbins
Colin Cloud
Shoot Ogawa
Criss Angel
Ben Seidman
Ben Whiting
and many more…

Training Prices & Schedule

There are many options for both Zoom Training or Live In Vegas Training. Contact me to get started discussing the best plan for you to reach your goal! Include as much specific information as you can!

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