Final Answer Reloaded

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The Definitive Benchmark for the signed bill in lemmon

In 2004 Scott Alexander and Bob Kohler released what was hailed and highly acclaimed as the BEST Bill to Lemon ever conceived.

According to most experts…There are 5 non-negotiable rules to a PERFECT Bill in Lemon routine.

1) The bill MUST BE SIGNED
2) The magician’s hands MUST never fully leave sight of the audience
3)The method MUST defy the utmost scrutiny
4) The audience MUST be able to tell the story afterwards using one sentence
5) It must be a MAGICAL and ENTERTAINING experience for the audience and the


Long out of production, this diabolically clever gimmick makes loading the lemon with the SIGNED BILL a breeze.

The best part is…it happens RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE!

THE FINAL ANSWER – RELOADED comes with the newly designed gimmick as well as all the vintage training footage from the original. Plus, you will learn brand new handlings, ideas, jokes, bits and training sequences from new shows Scott and Bob created that fit the modern magicians aesthetic, performing requirements, and adhere to the 5 stringent rules of an effective BTL routine.

If you missed THE FINAL ANSWER the first time, don’t make the same mistake again.

This is The ULTIMATE Final Answer to the Bill In Lemon plot!

The gimmick is a mimic of a Sharpie marker. Originally we modified real Sharpie’s however this forced compromise. The plastic used in a Sharpie is very soft plastic. Our original design required machined brass installed to make it strong enough for pro level use.

The new version is a custom build by our team. We build it out of new, high end plastics that were not available. They are stronger than brass. This  improved the gimmick substantially. It’s built to handle professional performances for years!

The gimmick was originally designed to handle the size of  U.S. Dollar Bill.  The diameter of the chamber has been enlarged so many international currencies can now be used. Our advice is to use paper or linen based currency that is the size of a Dollar or less. Smaller bills work! Currencies that are 100% plastic or other materials such as used in Australia will not work.

The increased diameter also make loading the bill much easier and faster!

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the ink reservoir is now refillable! So you can write with this gimmick and add ink when required. The process is simple and easy to do. The ink is permanent and available worldwide.

The Final Answer Reloaded training has been upgraded. It still has the original show that was recorded in the Fitzgerald Las Vegas showroom but we’ve added more solutions and ideas. The training is available instantly by download. Running time is over 3 hours! We’ve covered every aspect of using The Final Answer so it’s a showstopper for stage, parlor and even close up shows.

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Final Answer Reloaded
Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $295.99.