Aces In Their Faces – Bob Kohler


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Easy To Master, Anyone Can do it!

Comes with two sets of gaffs & video training

Bob finally tips all of the incredible work on one of the best selling card routines of all time, “Aces In Their Faces.” Since its initial release in 1997, AITF has become a classic. But the original booklet only tipped part of Bob’s working routine. This video download reveals all FOUR of Bob’s professional¬† routines.

ACES IN THEIR FACES is the original, completely SELF-WORKING…no sleight of hand routine! It’s so easy anyone of any age can easily do it immediately!

ACES IN THEIR MINDS is an even more diabolical version and takes it up a notch by adding professional level equivoque. Even though the spectator makes all of the decisions the Aces FLY to wherever the spectator decides…simply breathtaking!

ACES IN THEIR EYES is Bob’s routine to replace MacDonald’s Aces! It’s simply the most convincing vanish sequence ever devised for an ace assembly. Eye-popping, yet easy to do!

ACES IN THEIR SOULS is the monster. It combines ACES IN THEIR MINDS with ACES IN THEIR EYES. It is stunning. Gasps are the rule not the exception. ACES IN THEIR SOULS is a true showstopper!

  • Instant Reset
  • Over 90,000 Sold
  • Skill Level From Self-Working To Advanced

Running Time  94min

Comes complete with TWO sets of the very special gaffs and a new 1080P resolution Video Download.

Aces In Their Faces – Bob Kohler