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A Quantum Leap for the ring in walnut, Egg, lemon Plot

Bob Kohler and Scott Alexander have been working together developing the ultimate version of the classic plot of vanishing a ring, a walnut, an egg for the last five years. This quest has finally reached our stringent goals.

Routines in the past have suffered from many weaknesses. Virtually all of the current methods load the ring in a case out of sight from the audience. The inferior handling and choreographies usually reduce one of the most powerful effects to puzzle status.

A new benchmark is now available, Singularity. Scott and Bob have solved each and every weakness and the end result is the most powerful, visual and hilarious version ever witnessed by audiences.

Singularity is a professional grade solution. The vanish of the ring, walnut, and egg are consistent. The vanish choreography is a work of art.

The reveals are test conditions. You cut the lemon in half inches from their eyes revealing the egg is inside. They get closer. You crack open just part of the egg to reveal the walnut is definitely inside of the egg! The spectators can even crack open the walnut. It is truly sealed. Their ring is already inside. Gasps follow when you open the walnut to reveal their ring.

The load of the ring is done in real time right in front of the audience. You don’t need to reach into a case or have a helper. The load is instantaneous thanks to the revolutionary new gimmick!

Our research lead us down a path where we made a revolutionary discovery. We created a gimmick that is invisible. The audience will never realize what it is, where it is or how it accomplishes the loading procedure.

The best part is it is one of the easiest gimmicks ever created to use under intense scrutiny for even the most observant audience.

In todays world magicians have to create methods that are impossible to “back engineer”. Repeated viewings have made truly fooling an audience forever after they witness your performance extremely difficult.

Singularity has been carefully designed with multiple methods that create many levels of deception. You can watch the show over and over without discovering our methods.

Repeated viewing would not reveal answers but create even deeper questions.

At the end of the routine the lemon, egg shell and walnut pieces are left on the stage. There is nothing to find. Your audience can examine everything!

As in all of our Pro Line products Singularity has been developed by professionals for professionals. Our solutions provide rapid set-ups. Performing this classic has never been easier. Singulariy provides the methods and tools to get this showstopper prepared faster than any other version!

Through countless performances Scott has fine tuned the routine. The premise is unique. The comedy is sophisticated and intelligent. Singularity is a stand out routine that can be done in any market from corporate to family audiences.

The comedy is the vehicle for the magic. The routine is magical from start to finish. The climax to the routine is impossible and unforgettable!

Singularity is the perfect routine to “make your own”. The methods are easy to integrate into your own presentation or customize for clients.

The Singularity Professional Kit consists of a lightweight, practical carrying case for the necessary tools and secrets. The case is 10.5” x 7” x 2”. You get everything you need for many performances with the exception of walnuts, eggs and lemons. You must supply these perishable items as necessary.

The case however will hold a supply of eggs and walnuts. You can prepare for your show or multiple shows in advance.

The Singularity video training is delivered by instant download when you place your order. You will have the training instantly so you can start the learning process while you wait for your Singularity Kit to arrive.  

The Inner Secrets of Singularity are covered in the incredible detail you’ve come to expect from Bob Kohler Magic.