The Blades

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The Blades is six minutes of action packed, hilarious entertainment that will rivet your audiences attention and get you standing ovations.

What you are purchasing is the license to perform “The Blades”. When you purchase the license we’ll send you a kit as a bonus. The kit contains the special gaff, the necessary razor blades, the threads and a few other widgets that I won’t describe. The parts and pieces are only a small part though of what your investment gets you.

The real value is knowledge. You’re getting all of Scott’s creativity, his years of experience performing “The Blades” in front of critical, demanding audiences and all of the refinements that make “The Blades” the show stopper!

There are many versions of this classic but The Blades is by far the very best! The routine is classic Scott Alexander. It contains massive comedy that is woven into a routine that contains the best method, really funny sight gags, jokes and music that is the final touch!

The Blades will get you standing ovations night after night.

First, you must be 21 years of age!

If you’re 21 or older ask yourself the following questions. Am I a professional caliber performer? Do I want to get standing ovations on a regular basis? Do I want to perform routines that haven’t been overused by amateurs and hobbyists or ruined by YouTube? Do I need a professional routine that I can reset in a matter of minutes? Do I travel and need a routine that packs into almost nothing but can entertain thousands? Do I need a reputation maker routine that I can use to close my show? If the answer to these questions is yes, read on…

Short answer…you can’t. Most magic products today are represented by video trailers that show the routine to both the prospective buyers and the public. We live in an era where magic is often sold through deceptive video editing and dishonest advertising. “The Blades” will not have a video trailer. Our tradition and reputation insure that “The Blades” is what we present it to be. In fact as you read on you’ll discover that it’s our intention that no footage of “The Blades” will ever be seen.

The training starts with a live performance of Scott performing “The Blades” before an audience of 1000 on a cruise ship. The audience reaction is amazing!

As usual we cover every detail of “The Blades”. From the performance through the methods, the training is just like taking a private lesson from Scott. Nothing is left out. Scott reveals all of his work in precise detail. Each section of the routine is covered, every tiny point and tip that will make you understand the “Why & How” just as well as Scott does. This intense training will have you up to speed performing “The Blades” in no time!

In our opinion “The Blades” is not expensive. It’s an investment for “the few”. Unlike more recent Pro Line products, you are buying only a license (i.e. legal permission) to perform Scott’s masterpiece. We include the props as a bonus. The price will definitely limit the number of performers using “The Blades” which is valuable to professionals. As you read the description below you’ll soon realize that we are taking strong steps to protect our clients investment.

The included performance is on stage for an audience of 1000.

I first saw the routine Caesar’s Magical Empire from 8 feet away. I watched three shows and was totally fooled three times. 

The routine can be performed in formal close up like the close up theater at the Magic Castle.

“The Blades” has been protected under Copyright Law using a specific type of Copyright that protects Performing Arts. This is the same type of Copyright used for decades to protect plays. This type of Copyright protects Scott’s presentation and script including the jokes, the gags and choreography but not the method. The method is protected under the California Trade Secret Agreement. This law is rock solid and has been successful in protecting our release of the Fitch Kohler Professional Holdout System. These two legal vehicles together will protect our client’s investment.

The video rights to “The Blades” have limits. Purchaser’s are not allowed under the License/Trade Secret Agreement to post video from “The Blades” training or video of their performance of “The Blades” on the internet or television as described in the agreement. All television rights are reserved.

The purchaser has worldwide performing rights with the exception of Clark county Nevada, USA. This includes all hotels, showrooms and theaters in Las Vegas Nevada.

The license IS NOT transferrable! You cannot sell your license. Why? Much of the value of “The Blades” is secret information and knowledge. Once you have been trained you’ll know it forever. What we are selling is the license (i.e., the legal right for the buyer alone) to perform Scott Alexander’s routine.

The training contains warnings and agreements that the license purchaser must agree to before learning or performing The Blades. The warnings provide common sense information to provide the end user with the dangers associated with this type of routine. Failure to follow the training can cause injury or even death. The agreements contain the same information contained in the signed agreement.

There are two steps that must be completed.

1) Order “The Blades” on this web page. You will be sent the California Trade Secret Agreement.

2) Each purchaser must download, sign and return our License & Trade Secret Agreement. When the agreement is received your order will be shipped to you.

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The Blades
Original price was: $849.99.Current price is: $639.99.