The Final Cut

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The Final Cut... Practical, Easy & commercial

Every magician on the planet knows that one of the strongest effects in all of magic is the Signed Bill In Lemon. Every magician in the world also has at least one method in their arsenal. So why does the world need yet another version of this class of magic?

Here are the Top Ten reasons you must acquire The Final Cut. If you don’t you will soon be fooled badly by somebody that knows this incredible secret. “The Final Cut” is real “worker” for pros all others will be measured against.

 “The Final Cut” is clean as clean gets. The test conditions are perfect from start to finish. First, the bag containing the lemon are placed into the audience under a spectator’s control BEFORE the bill is borrowed and signed. Immediately after the bill vanishes you can go immediately to the ending if you desire.

There is no delay or extra routines necessary to do “the work”. The ending is perfect. Your hands are shown empty and the performer only reaches into the bag with his fingertips. Yet under these stringent conditions the bill is loaded in just a few seconds.

“The Final Cut” method, choreography and presentation cancel every possible solution an audience can conceive. It is impossible to back engineer the real solution even with repeated performances. Every detail is natural and in a word… perfect.

A bag is hanging on stage BEFORE the bill is borrowed and signed. The bill is destroyed or vanished. You retrieve the bag. From the top you take out a knife and hand it to the spectator. The knife is just sticking out of the bag enough to grab without going inside the bag. Then the bag is turned upside down and dropped out of the bag. YOU NEVER REACH INSIDE THE BAG! The lemon is now loaded and handed to the spectator.

Say goodbye to the classic Steve Spill method used by so many. The Final Cut is definitely next generation!

Professional performers leave nothing to chance. They know that they must invest in products that deliver each and every show. “The Final Cut” gimmick is a completely new concept. It has no moving parts to fail or wear out. The gimmick will last you for a very long time. Count on putting it in your will for the next magician in your family.

 “The Final Cut” has been created using a very easy to do and direct method you will be able to master in a few hours. It’s hard to believe any routine that gets this level of reaction could be so easy to master. Every move is logical plus you hand the spectator both the loaded lemon and knife. Just sensational. You show your hands really empty.  Take the lemon, cut it open to reveal the signed bill. 

“The Final Cut” is fast in every way. Preparation time is less than 2 minutes! The load is less than 2 seconds. It’s like a magic rattlesnake bite. But the most important point is that once you vanish the bill you can instantly go to the ending. This allows for very direct routines. You don’t need to perform an extra routine as a reason to go into the bag. Once the signed bill is vanished you can instantly reveal the signed bill is inside of the lemon.

The old axiom “Packs Flat, Plays Big” is more important today than any time in history. The necessary equipment you carry for The Final Cut is not only small in size but lightweight weighing just a few ounces!

Over the decades many of us have performed versions of the Bill in Lemon where fire is used. In this modern era, it’s rare to perform anywhere where you can use fire. Many stages require fire permits or don’t allow fire at all. “The Final Cut” solves this issue by creating comedy destruction without flames!

“The Final Cut” is practical anywhere in the world. Of course, it works with US Currency. Some countries have bills that are larger, smaller or even made of new age materials besides paper or cotton fiber based money. With The Final Cut, no problem. If you can fold it you can use it. You can work anywhere in the world.

Many performers have to handle performing in situations where they have no control. Your client books you to do a show for 40 people and when you arrive there are 400. The point is you have to flexible as a pro to always put on an outstanding show no matter what conditions you forced to deal with. 

The Final Cut is your new best friend as it is designed to be used on large stages, parlor situations, formal close-up and everything in between. “The Final Cut” is strong enough to close any show in any situation!

The training like getting a private lesson from Scott & Bob whenever you need it. Included are three stage shows, two are in front of a very large audience of 1000. The third show was performed in the legendary Magic Castle’s Parlor of Prestidigitation in front of 75 inebriated adults. The step by step training will have you up to speed in no time.

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The Final Cut
Original price was: $219.99.Current price is: $164.99.