The Mindreading Goose

The Mindreading Goose is the legendary comedy routine from Steve Spill


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The MindReading Goose is a custom order!

Allow Two Months Build Time

Professional magicians worldwide have waited 25 years for Steve Spill to release his legendary routine “The Mindreading Goose”. This routine is really funny, very visual and is the most requested routine in Steve’s deep list of routines. It’s an instant reputation maker!

The routine has it all. It’s lightweight and easy to transport. It’s hilarious with Steve at his best. It’s become a comedy classic because of the plot, the comedy and the sight gags!

It’s easy to do and in my opinion the best single best mindreading routine to include in a magic show.

“The Mindreading Goose” is now available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the hand-made nature of the Goose availability is very limited. Don’t delay or you may have to wait a very long time!

Top pros covet The “Mindreading Goose”. Consider this, the most we’ve ever released in one year was six units.

We haven’t been able to make any for the last two years.

Intrigued? Read on…

Geyser the Mindreading Goose reads spectators minds. Sounds impossible because it is! But what sells this routine to the audience is the entertainment value that’s packed into the routine. They roar with laughter and grin until it hurts.

This is important as who wants to deal with real farm animals. But it looks real! The Goose is a puppet that has taken us years to perfect and manufacture. In fact, each puppet is meticulously hand-made!

We started with Steve’s original design and worked together to improve the puppet until it was perfect. The dream is now a reality because we’ve perfected the new Geyser and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. The materials are the highest quality to provide years of service. The beak and feet are custom-made leather. The body design allows the performer to custom fit the goose to their needs. The materials are easily cleaned and maintained for continued service.

He does a lot. First, Geyser reads minds by writing his answers on a pad with a Sharpie in his beak. You’ve got total control over his head movements. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional level puppeteer to operate Geyser. Nothing could be easier. You’ll master all of the functions in minutes.

Nobody ever sees this hilarious gag coming because Geyser pees on command. That’s right he pees when you want him to. This allows the performer to set up one of the funniest sight gags you’ll ever see. It never fails to get a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

Here’s the set up. Steve asks an audience member to think of any letter in the alphabet. Suddenly Geyser “let’s go” and pees BIG TIME. Huge laugh…

Steve’s response is “Are you thinking of the letter P?” A second huge laugh. It’s impossible for me to convey just how funny and surprising this section of the routine is. I’ve watched Steve do this routine a zillion times and it never fails to elicit an INCREDIBLE reaction.

Any stand-up performer that needs six minutes of hilarious material that is already completely honed by thousands of performances.If you use Steve’s script word for word the laughs and applause will follow. So will more bookings!

“The Mindreading Goose” can easily play in any situation from parlor-sized audiences to thousands on stage. The props and necessary materials are lightweight and easy to transport. It’s a professional performers dream. It’s definitely the one routine that will set you apart in your market!

Steve and I have gone to great lengths to teach each and every aspect of “The Mindreading Goose”. The training  contains 3 live performances, not 1, not 2 but 3! The first show is a live Television show shot in 1988. The second show is a Comedy Club show shot in 1998. And the final show was shot  at Steve’s theater in Santa Monica, Magicopolis. The routine is absolutely timeless.

After the shows Steve goes through every minute detail. Nothing is left out. He covers all of the technical details, the props, the strategy, the timing. The training was shot at the studios of Bob Kohler Magic so you know the training is top-flight.

“The Mindreading Goose” comes complete with everything you need to do many, many shows. We also give you the sources to purchase refills once you run out. You’ll also discover that a big part of the secret will be incredibly useful in other mindreading routines. As Forrest Gump would say “That’s all I can say about that!”

The original owner of “The Mindreading Goose” can perform this routine worldwide including Television.  Transfer of ownership is allowed. The original owner loses the performance rights, the new owner takes over the performance rights.

The Mindreading Goose